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GMO Statement

At FUTURELIFE®️, our most important goal is to deliver “Smart Nutrition” to South African families. We hold the quality of our products is the highest regard, and endeavour to support local farmers to ensure that all South Africa benefits from our business.

In 2013, we committed to developing a comprehensive manufacturing and storage plan to secure the NON-GMO status that FUTURELIFE®️ consumers have come to enjoy. All the products manufactured in our factory since July 2013 have been certified NON-GMO however, the global COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on our supply chain. As a result, we are no longer able to guarantee that all the raw materials in our products are NON-GMO.

According to legislation in South Africa; in order to be classified as NON-GMO a product needs to fall under a tolerance of 1% (CPA, R. 293 of 2011)). Supply chain constraints as well as the effects of the current unprecedented times mean that it has become more challenging to source ingredients from local NON-GM sources. As such we have had to search for sustainable viable alternatives that are aligned with our core values of supporting local whilst still delivering on the taste and quality that you have come to expect, as well as the same high nutritional standards we hold ourselves to.

That said, the same things that matter to you matter to us. That’s why we will continue to look for ways to improve and deliver on our promises to you. Whilst we will be using locally sourced ingredients throughout this pandemic period, you can rest assured that we are working towards securing our previous NON-GMO status and will continue to support you in making an informed decision by remaining transparent and keeping you up to date.